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ALTERED CARBON Netflix (2018)

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Cyberpunk Eternal Life

On this Cyberpunk series whose production design (Carey Meyer) call to mind Blade Runner, people could live forever, thanks to a neck disc that serves as a human memories storage. The body could die, but easily be replaced by Physical human or synthetic bodies called "sleeves".

This concept, at first sight, sounds phenomenal, but as the series unravels you may realise that for altruism, eternal life is great, but for the powerful, the endless life card may be used to conquer, dominate and bring under most of the people.

Cyberpunk in the Sci-Fi genre always shows a dystopian society oppressed by corporate interests of rich and powerful people.

In Manga, Akira was the first movie to get me into Cyberpunk.

Recently I've got the chance to see Akira again, but this time, remastered and in Cinema!

Thinking about the cell animation work lead by Katsuhiro Ôtomo at the time, it seems like a considerable achievement both artistically and technically, even today!!

More recently the Cyberpunk Manga Blame, draw by Tsutomu Nihei, showed us again a dystopian society, but with outstanding scenario design, thanks to the architectural background of his creator.

Here a Cyberpunk artwork I did after seeing Altered Carbon

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