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BLACK MIRROR USS Callister on 60's Netflix (2017)

Updated: May 5, 2018

Check out my moodboard on 60's furniture and fashion inspired on the USS Callister episode.

I wasn’t familiar with the latest season released on Netflix's Black Mirror since I shut it down at the first episode of the first season. Too raw and dark, I thought.

Recently, after some colleagues encouraged me to watch season 4, I’ve got immerse into this fantastic Dejavú, which brought me back to the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents series.

Technology paranoia or the perils of technology in the wrong hands conform the bottom line of this beautifully shot series.

The magnificent work of the production designers Joel Collins and Phil Sims

especially on the first episode: USS Callister (inspired on Star Trek 60's Tv show) made me think on how a futuristic vision during 60's was influenced by fashion and industrial designers of that time.

Scandinavian furniture designers always have been on top, but during 60's, modernity shaped by them. Eero Aarnio, Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen among others, did influence a whole generation of industrial designers around the world.

Eero Aarnio, a Finnish designer, who made innovative furniture with plastic and fibreglass. Here 3 of his iconic designs:

Verner Panton

Verner Panton was a Danish architect and industrial designer, with a great sense of colour and light.

His Panton Chair (S Chair) was the first plastic moulded chair ever! And he is considered one of the Masterpieces in Danish Design. Although it seems that the idea of a stackable chair first came from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Panton's design made it timeless.

Early in his career Verner worked on the team of Arne Jacobsen and helped him on the development of one of Arne's most iconic chair: ¨Ant¨.

André Courrèges

Space Age

André Courréges was a French fashion designer, whose designs were inspired by Futurism. He claimed to have invented the mini-skirt along Mary Quant.

He used technology and new materials to brought to life his modern and futuristic designs.

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