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Good Girls

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Breaking Bad meets Desperate Housewives

NBC´s Good Girls now on Netflix , portraits how three housewives become criminals for a ¨good cause¨. They need money for winning the custody battle over the daughter of one of the characters, for expensive medical treatment, and to not lose the family house after husband compromised the family economy thanks to an affair.

Better prepare to engaged to this marvellous series cause as Pringles, once you pop it you won't stop it!.

One of the things grasp my designer´s attention was the fact there are no opening titles, every episode intro works as a situation that hooks you and prepares you for the new chapter of this crime newbies. The Tittle Good Girls on top of a scene, satirise every beginning since what it seems to come is everything but good.

On this #metoo era, an antihero story lead by women that wants to get back their liberty and self-esteem by making tons of money doing what they don't suppose to do, is a kind of a sure shot. A rebel tale.

Here 4 fantastic actresses and movies of Good Girls going Bad:

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandom in Thelma & Louis

Olivia Newton Jhon in Grease

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

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