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The level of detail and scope of this fantastic TNT series, drag me into it immediately.

From its production design (Mara LePere-Schloop/Will Hughes-Jones), costume design (Michael Kaplan), its cinematography, to the complexity and boldness of the main characters (Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning).

This XIX Century New York, psychological thriller definitively pays off.

Based on a novel written by Caleb Carr in 1994, The Alienist show us a dark underworld of murders, mental illness, and power abuse. The light over the plot comes with the three main characters: 1. an illustrator from New York Times, 2. the first Woman in the NY Police Dept, 3. the Alienist, the psychologist who's eager to clarify the mystery behind a series of murders in town.

Besides all the challenging aspects to create this show, in this entry will review the work of the costume designer Michael Kaplan through his sketches.

The Alienist, is Michael Kaplan´s first attend to create a period drama allure. In the past, he created the wardrobe for projects like Blade Runner (1982), Flashdance, Star Trek, Star Wars among others.

For this series, Kaplan´s got immerse into the XIX Century fashion but took some licenses in specific designs.

His work for the leading female character clothing is vital to transmitting the toughness and the sophistication of Sara, who was the first policewoman in NY.

Here, some Kaplan´s Sketches :

After seeing all these marvelous drawings, my lab side tempt me to take one Kaplan´s dress design, and made a version as an alternative to another Sara´s night out dress ;)

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