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WILD WILD COUNTRY Netflix (2018)

Faith, conspiracy, sex, power trip, local war, betrayal and greed.

WIld Wild Country, is one of the best real-life stories I´ve got to know, thank this Duplass brothers documentary.

Twisted, complex therefore Fascinating

This Netflix documentary portraits vividly what happened during early 80´s in a small town in Portland, (Antiope)

when its citizens got caught by the storm of a Cult to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as “Osho”), an Indian Guru who created a city for his followers in a 65,000 acres Ranch.

The amount of effort to put together the utopian city of Rajneeshee, ¨peaceful and self-maintenance paradise, was proportional to the madness to confront local citizens and challenge authorities to stay rooted in that place.

This is a Must see documentary on Netflix! , so I won't extend any longer…

just a last teasing … this story also hits Nike creator Bill Bowerman….

Here a messy collage after this docu jewel:

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